Help with paying by PayPal

When you have decided to proceed to the checkout on our website you will go to a screen (see image 1 below)

You will  see is a screen as per the image below that says at the top log in to create an account or login , this is what paypal prefer , but if you scroll below that you will see what looks like a greyed out button that says pay by credit card ,clicking on that will take you to a paypal guest checkout screen see the second image,paypal guest checkout

please ensure that all details have been entered , if there is any section incomplete you will see a message asking for the missing information,

at the bottom of that screen you should see the paypal logo , a checkbox asking you to confirm you have read the terms and conditions and a button to proceed to the paypal payment page

simply complete the required fields on there including credit card details etc , at the bottom of that page is a button that says pay simply pressing that blue button will process the card payment ,

even though you have entered all your details that is for credit card checking purposes and you have not signed up for a paypal account much as that is what paypal would love you to do.