We are extremely excited about the launch of our new Trellis Wide Spine Open Book Design 14 Die set. This useful collection gives 2 sizes of scalloped pages, 3 sizes rectangular pages, set of ovals dies scalloped and straight, corners and the all important large wide trellis and outline dies in 2 sizes for you to create in-page centre trellis spines and also enables you to cut out the trellis to complete the final design.
a. Simply diecut your selection of main pages , these dies will make 4 indents on your page 2 top and 2 bottom for you to line up your trellis– then line up your trellis die (using the locating marks top and bottom of the die) make sure your trellis die extends top and bottom of your page so that your trellis has an open top and bottom) to cut in-page design on all of your sizes of pages
b. Glue your pages together matching the trellis
c. Finally cut out your large trellis using the outline die (which gives a closed top and bottom) and then match the trellis design with those underneath and place on top of the uppermost page
d. These pages give you to option to create many variations with the central trellis spine. (check out the gallery to see many versions of the trellis.) The open trellis is perfect to thread ribbons through or to hang jewelled embelishments through.